A Precursor to Coaching Professional Growth

A Breakout Session Delivered at the 2018 Coaching Summit

Session Description

One of the most challenging aspects of a transformation is shifting mindsets from a “just tell me what to do” and “I’d better keep busy” check-the-box mindset toward a hunger for the personal and team development. At times practices can be constrained by a deliberate analytical and rational way of thinking.

Due to disappointments, discouragements, and conflicts in life many people become jaded regarding change efforts, seeing them as a method of manipulation. Without understanding how their core identity connects to the purposes of the enterprise in which they work, people find it easy to disconnect from a transformation.

Therefore a primary challenge in coaching people is to help them recognize the need to clearly understand their core identity, which is often clouded by a mood of resignation. This breakout session will demonstrate for coaches a method for creating this recognition, based on these commitments:

  • Check individual and enterprise core identity against purpose.

  • Understand the need for and practicing mindful observation.

  • Assess and help people navigate toward productive moods.

  • Focus on cultivating a contributor versus  consumer mindset.


Learning Objectives

  • An introduction to how individual core identity relates to shared team core identity and unified enterprise purpose

  • Learn an approach for empowering individuals to recognize the need to develop a focused core identity, practicing three steps designed to promote this recognition

  • Gain an awareness of the need to assess moods

Coaches learn the method through role-playing throughout the breakout session, and were encouraged to take the exercise back to their enterprise.