Coaching Teams to Embrace and Build Upon a Legacy of Enterprise and Personal Improvement

A Program for the 2018 Coaching Summit

Workshop Description

One of the most significant challenges coaches face is apathy toward management practices. This apathy can result in transformations never taking full root, or in transformations decaying once an apathetic leadership team replaces a committed leadership team.

As a coach you have two paths toward combatting this apathy. One is to cajole, encourage and persuade people into sticking with lean work, continuing to fight the headwinds that lead to transformational decay. The other approach is to infuse individuals with the active shared commitment required to reach above the headwinds into an enduring transformation.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn an approach for helping individuals recognize the need to develop a focused core identity

  • Gain an awareness of the need to assess moods

  • Learn how four vital qualities combine to provide an enduring transformational legacy

  • Understand the connection between serving a noble purpose, motivation and sustained work performance

  • Explore methods for encouraging enterprise leaders to frame shared purpose in a context serving a broader community