Transforming Your Lean Commitment Into a Legacy

Workshop Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Photo by James Case

Photo by James Case

Workshop Description

The workshop is based on a transformation model that begins with the understanding that Personal Core Identity and Shared Core Identity drives Purpose. This understanding sets the four dimensions of the Transformational Legacy model - Mindfulness, Commitment, Connection and Challenge - into motion.

Learn from a new perspective on lean practices that included experienced lean practitioners and people representing a spectrum of the arts community. Subsequent research and work with clients shows how this perspective, integrated with the developed body of lean knowledge, addresses the concerns of lean buy-in and lean burnout. The purpose of the workshop is to provide experienced lean practitioners with a system for daily renewing their commitment to excellence in their own lives within a lean framework.

Utilizing the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology for the purpose of provoking each participant’s deeper understanding of their personal core identity, and for renewing the connection between that identity and their purpose in the different spheres of their life. The methodology has been developed and employed during the past two decades by high performing enterprises across the world, and both presenters are Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Facilitators.

Participants will immediately be able to put the following benefits into practice:

  • Lead teams in a recognition of shared core identity and how that identity is connected to team purpose.

  • Utilize a brief daily mindfulness exercise to refresh their commitment to leading and participating in a learning culture.

  • Understanding individual and shared core identity and how this understanding aligns with team purpose, which is the foundation to lasting lean transformation

  • Utilize a monthly alignment exercise to check their connection to purpose and identify adjustments that will strengthen that connection.

  • Understand how these practices fit into a Transformational Legacy model developed to address the concern of sustaining lean practices, personally and throughout an enterprise.

  • Recognize when it is necessary to help colleagues and team members navigate to more productive moods.

  • Understand an approach toward coaching teams in these Transformational Legacy practices.

Who should attend this session: Enterprise front-line supervisors, middle managers and senior executives seeking a methodology for fueling the daily commitment to lean practices for themselves and the people they coach.