What Kind of Transformation Do You Want?

Transformational Legacy is about creating and sustaining the energy needed in our organizations so they can thrive in an environment of personal and team excellence.

Beginning with conversations in late 2016 we realized that something vital was missing from organizational change efforts. Many change programs start with a great deal of energy, however after some period of time a large percentage of them decay. As we explored the issue more deeply we came to learn that the energy driving successful continuous improvement change efforts was much less about a drive for process improvement and much more about cultivating a creative and spiritual energy in support of an important purpose serving the interests of a broader community of people. This creative and spiritual energy is simply missing from most change efforts.

The Toyota Motor Corporation story is an oft cited example of operational excellence, with its production and management approach described as a system of lean practices. The term lean was coined to reflect the ability of the company to produce automobiles with less people, at less cost, in less time and with less waste. Like the body of a well-formed athlete, work systems were designed to have a minimum amount of fat. The discovery of this systemic approach, catalyzed by the work of the International Motor Vehicle Program in the 1980s, ignited a deeper understanding of the processes required for group work excellence.

Most of this understanding is focused on the development of the Toyota Production System beginning around 1950, the year a financial crisis and strike nearly put the company out of business. Lean process improvements took the company from the brink of bankruptcy to the most productive automobile manufacturer in the world. The energy driving this performance is rooted in the history of the Toyoda family, and how they connected their identity as a family with a purpose of elevating the people of their nation.

Transformational Legacy is about creating and sustaining that same kind of energy so the people in our organizations thrive in an environment of personal and team excellence.