We love to share with groups who are ready to live more fulfilled lives and work better (notice we didn’t say “harder”), individually and inside a team. Contact us for speaking topics that inspire to empower your audience to take action.

Key note





Transformational legacy Complete

Your team will experience all aspects of the model and have the tools to keep it in motion

  • Discover and understand Core Identity, Individual and Shared

  • Aligning Shared Core Identity with Purpose

  • Explore all FOUR elements of the model; Connection, Cognition, Commitment, and Challenge

  • Receive daily exercises for enthusiasm and cognition

  • Receive monthly evaluation


Core Identity discovery and understanding

This is a foundational for organizational and leadership teams, as well as families

  • Dive deep into how you show up the way you do

  • Grasp a deeper understanding of why the people you spend your day with show up the way they do.

  • Grow as a more unified team, ready to align with purpose


The four c’s

Explore all four Cs for personal and professional development.

  • Connection-Strong focus on why this is important and how you can connect in a deeper and more meaningful way to those you live and work with.

  • Cognition- Breaking the status quo with fuller mind engagement. A more thorough and complete method for gaining knowledge and understanding.

  • Commitment- What are my commitments? Am I actively committed or is it a verbal transaction.

  • Challenge- We face challenges set against our purpose constantly. Learn how to see a challenge as an opportunity for creativity, inspiration, and innovation.