We guide teams to greater understanding of core identity and how it aligns with purpose. This is foundational to setting in motion what we refer to as Transformational Legacy.

Energy Source

Knowing who you are and how you work within a shared identity (team) is critical to full purpose affiliation. This is what fuels the continued transformation and growth.

Transformational Legacy has a powerful energy that is self sustaining when all four elements of the model are in motion.
— Joanna McGuffey

The 4 Elements


To be known and valued. Humans desire connection; a bond with other humans that inspires growth, vision, and purpose (even in the workplace). It is nearly impossible to make an impact without connection.


Mindful acquisition of understanding for the bigger picture, through observation and experience.


Engaged dedication to individual and shared identity and to purpose. We like to say, “A commitment without connection and cognition is merely a transaction.”


Challenge sets before us a path of future-forward thinking, a path to discovery and exploration. One that allows us to employ our connection and commitment to one another and, most of all, cognition.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson